Manager Partnerships


Job Title:

Manager – Partnerships (Project Manager)


Open Programmes – CEE

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Reports to position:

Associate Director – Open Programmes and Partnerships



Reportees to Position:




Job Purpose


To drive, plan and execute all partnership programmes in a time bound manner, in line with the programme objectives.


Job  Outline



-          The roleholder will support the AD – Open Programmes and Partnership Business to manage all partner relationships

-          Engage with the external partners, faculty, learning solutions, marketing and programme management teams to drive timely launch and roll-out of all new and existing programmes with partners (both asynchronous and synchronous), in line with agreed programme launch timelines

-          Engage with the internal programme management team / partner programme management team to ensure a seamless delivery of partner programmes in line with the ISB brand.

-          Work with the internal marketing team and partner marketing teams to ensure timely recording of promotional videos, press releases etc prior to programme launch and for repeat programme runs.

-          Publish project trackers on all new programmes being developed with partners.

-          Track post programme feedback and engage with the programme faculty / programme management teams to make necessary changes and alterations wherever required.

-          Work with the partners to issue programme completion certificates and receive all participant information to register them as executive education alumni.

-          Work with the internal alumni team to support in managing the programme alumni.

-          Keep a track of all programme expenses to ensure that they are within the agreed contract terms, manage programme invoicing, work with the internal finance team to ensure timely receipt of payments from all partner relationships.




Job Specification


Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Postgraduate in Management/MBA or similar. Additional qualification in project management will be preferred.




·    Proven experience in Project Management

·    Excellent Communication and Collaboration Skills, working with complex and multi-variate stakeholders

·    Excellent Interpersonal skills

·    Ability to manage multiple responses, coordination & attention to detail

·    Assume complete ownership of assigned functions, and strong focus on deliverables

·     Hard-working professional with a hands-on approach to process and stakeholder management

8 – 10 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Faculty
  • Marketing, Learning Solutions, Programme Management, CEE Alumni, Finance

§  Partner Teams – Marketing, Learning Design, Sales and Finance


Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Engage with internal stakeholders to ensure timely launch of programmes 



Partner Stakeholder Management / Engage with partner stakeholders to ensure timely launch of programmes  



Tracking seamless delivery of partner programmes including programme feedback



Post Programme Participant Management



Coordination with Finance, Billing, Invoicing and Collection



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


Any Other Significant Input


The candidate must have extremely high standards in terms of quality of work, attention to detail and absolute commitment to task completion.


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