Manager ASA


Job Title:

Manager – ASA



Name of Job Holder:





Reports to position:

Senior Manager - ASA



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Job Purpose

To ensure effective delivery of all course related administrative activities pertaining to the programme assigned.



Job  Outline

The job holder is responsible for ensuring a smooth academic execution of the programs by being accountable pertaining to the academic services including logistics. S/he is required to see that all the classrooms for the programs are well equipped with audio visuals and the necessary tools so that there is hassle free delivery of the programs. S/He is required to work with faculty on procuring the course outline and creation of course packs in a timely fashion. S/he is expected to ensure smooth conduct of class and exams, preparation of groups, coordination with AA in all course related activities. S/he also ensures logistics requirements of the faculty are met without any hassle or complaints.


In order to ensure effective execution of the job the job holder is required to see that all appropriate arrangements are made during the term at the programme venue. S/he is responsible for providing required support to executives in terms of logistics and facilities at ISB via timely customer support, understanding their queries and responding to all their queries on time. S/he is responsible for timely issue of all program related materials, like books, course materials, reference etc.


S/he is responsible for handling all activities related to students’ welfare like organizing workshops, guest lectures etc. S/he is expected to work in synergy with members of other departments to ensure maximum utilization out the synergies between ASA and all the stakeholders. The job holder is responsible for maintaining the SAP and LMS systems ensuring proper upload of data as well as collection of data on time.


S/he is responsible for preparing all related MIS and annual programme budget. All data handling should be done with great accuracy and in a timely manner.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Bachelor’s degree

Proficiency in computers, Interpersonal skills, Sense of urgency, Ability to manage multiple responses, Communication, Problem solving skills, Coordination, Attention to detail

7- 8 yrs


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Various departments
  • PGpro Students
  • Faculty
  • Vendors
  • Auditors
  • Finance team and other internal team



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Efficient program management



To coordinate with faculty for all programme related requirements



To coordinate with students, respond to queries on time and escalate those where superior’s suggestion is required



To coordinate with vendors, other departments



To manage the SAP, Salesforce, LMS systems, Budget & Value addition to the other departmental programmes/school



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Program Management

Ensure phenomenal learning experience to the students

§ High rating on programme management

§ Timely communication and effective addressal of issues that may be raised.




Customer Life Cycle

Coordinate for all student activities – From beginning till graduation

§ Response time on queries one business day

§ On time delivery of programs as per calendar events

§ On time delivery of course material and other information



Faculty Coordination

Facilitate maximum benefit & learning for the students.

§ On time receipt of course outline and list of reading material from faculty

§ On time  procurement of course material



Coordination with vendors &

other departments

Ensure proper coordination

with all vendors and other

related departments for

timely deliverance

§ On time  procurement and settlement of bills, logistics and data requirements etc.



LMS, SAP, Budget, Salesforce & Value add services to the program/department/school

Manage SAP LMS, Salesforce systems, annual programme budget, Ensure smooth running of services other than classes. Create programme calendar 3 years in advance


§ On time and accuracy while preparing annual programme budget

§ Maintaining LMS/SAP and ensuring proper upload/processing of data

§ Error free data reporting




Any Other Significant Input

The position requires working on weekends and long hours while teaching is in progress. The job holder may be required to travel and stay on/off campus during the term weeks.


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