Manager/Assistant Manager - IIDS


Job Title:

Manager/Asst Manager


Administration and Operations

Reports to position:




Reportees to Position:

None or Associate




Job Purpose

Responsible for all administrative, logistics, and events-related activities of the RCI and programs in the department.


Job Outline


The job holder is responsible for providing complete back-end support for Programmes (AMPBA and other short-duration programs and events).  Coordinate with other departments to ensure all facilities are available for AMPBA residencies and other events.

The job holder is required to assist in Orientation and Graduation Day events. Ensure all applicants are provided with joining Kits, study material, case studies, etc. Assist with the printing of transcripts and certificates. Ensure smooth coordination with the vendors.

Manage logistics and operations of Summit/Conferences/Workshop etc. Plan and organize events with attention to financial and time constraints

Ensure that all departmental documents/data are up to date and easily accessible for audits if any.

Understand SAP for financial/commercial purposes and effective use of the same. The job holder is responsible for maintaining the SAP systems ensuring proper upload of data as well as collection of data as and when required.



Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Bachelor’ degree in hospitality management/master’s in management or a related field is preferred.


Proven experience in logistics and operations of programme.

Experience in organizing summits and academic conferences.

Excellent communication skills (verbal and written),

Excellent interpersonal skills,

Excellent organization skills

Customer service orientation

A knack of problem-solving

Sense of urgency,

ability to manage multiple responses and with multiple stakeholders at the same time,

Good negotiation skills,

Excellent in coordination & attention to detail.

Language proficiency: English and Hindi


4-9 years



Key Result Area




AMPBA Programme

·       Logistics support for the AMPBA program residencies/orientation/graduation.

·       Order joining/welcome kits and study material (after approval from necessary authority) etc. for the new class.

·       Make accommodation and travel arrangements for faculty and guest speakers for AMPBA and events.

·       Processing of all AMPBA/Events/IIDS payments

·       Maintain inventory/stock details of the IIDS/AMPBA and procure inventory needed from time to time (bags, books, software licenses, laptops, other accessories, pens, notebooks/diary, etc.).

·       Coordinate and communicate with students for organizing logistics and operations.

·       Prepare event expenditure and submit to AD/ED for approval

·       Coordinate with LRC on procuring case studies, books etc. in coordination with Manager Academics

·       Industry speaker series (travel logistics, accommodations video recording, etc.)

·       Coordinate with the vendors and AV team and organize the IT/AV set up for residency and events.

·       Maintaining atrium pages of AMPBA

·       Coordinating to arrange facilities, video recording for HCC hearing and residency.

·       Communicate with the students for the inaugural/orientation/graduation day related activities.




  • Plan and organize events with attention to financial and time constraints

·       Plan event from start to finish according to requirements, target audience and objectives.

·       Provide logistics and administration support for summit/conferences.

·       Prepare event expenditure for the events and get necessary approvals from finance and other authorities



Facilities management and Alumni events

·       Responsible for preparing the residency and programme calendar based on facility availability.

·       Coordinate with operations for blocking the facilities (LT, Accommodation, Meeting rooms, dining, and event space etc.) to organize the programmes and events.

·       Coordinate with Manager Outreach and alumni engagement office for organizing logistics and operations of the alumni events on campus and off-campus.




Payment Processing

·       Coordinate with vendor and finance/commercial team for all the event invoice processing

·       Coordinate with Manager outreach and capstone project sponsors for processing of capstone project invoices and payments.

·       Responsible to process the invoice and PR/PO for faculty at the end of course delivery and responsible to make the faculty payment in time as when grades are announced of the course.

·       Also, responsible for making payments for the tutorial instructors and capstone project mentors.



MIS Management

·       Maintaining MIS of events, workshops, software, payments, guest speakers, and capstone project mentors.

·       Archive media repository of events, testimonials, and campaigns.

·       Maintaining Archive media repository of events, testimonials, and campaigns, IIDS events, and testimonials- participants, faculty, and guests)



Any Other work

·       Willingness to do and take responsibility of any other work of the department and programme.



Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Manager Outreach
  • Finance department
  • Commercial department
  • IT/AV/DC services
  • LRC
  • Operations
  • Sr. Manger Academics
  • Vendors
  • F&B service provider
  • Travel desk
  • Others



Any Other Significant Input

Travel outstation and work on weekends and holidays will be required for events/summits/conferences and the AMPBA programme.

The candidate should be willing to travel outstation and work on weekends and holidays.

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