Manager with with Registrar's Office

Job Title:



Registrar’s Office

Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Associate Director



Reportees to Position:

Associate - Mohali




Job Purpose

To support the Registrar’s office needs across all long duration programmes. Maintaining the student data of all Programmes and ensuring that it is easily retrievable. To support the department in standardizing the processes.  


Job  Outline

The primary responsibility of the job holder is to closely work with the Associate Director – Registrar’s Office to support in keeping the records of students of all programmes, such as the Registered student list, Withdrawals, Leave of absence, Rejoining and current student list. The job holder needs to make certain that all the processes of the Registrar’s office are followed.

The Incumbent should maintain database in SAP. The job holder must track the fee payment of students across programmes and disseminate the information to programme offices.

As a part of the data maintenance activities, the job holder is required to keep an updated and error-free record of the department’s data. S/he is required to see that these data are easily accessible and captured in a prescribed format / templates for accreditation purposes. The incumbent has to handle the Registrar office email id / portal and address the requests received from students of all programmes within the stipulated time.

Process the graduation related documents of Outgoing International Exchange students, issuance of transcripts to Incoming International exchange transcripts.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Post-Graduate Degree

Ms Office, IT savvy understanding programme requirements, Record keeping

4 - 7 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



All programme offices for Long duration programmes, IT, Finance, Commercials

As per department’s requirement



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Maintaining the registered students list. Monitoring the process of Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Rejoining



Graduation related activities – Monitoring the status of Outgoing exchange student graduation requirements & issuance of transcripts to incoming exchange students



Analyze the requirement and document processes pertaining to RO activities to facilitate Student record keeping. Review of student policies in the student the handbook across all programmes



Handling Registrar’s Office email id & queries in the Portal



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator



Registration of students and Student database maintenance, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal and Re-joining.

Maintain the list of current students in each programme. Monitoring the process and adherence to the policies for Leave of absence, Withdrawal and Re-joining & exceptional approvals.



Monitoring the logistics for certificate distribution for graduation. Outgoing Exchange students’ graduation requirements & Incoming exchange students transcripts

Smooth coordination and timely completion of logistics to ensure certificate distribution. To verify the graduation requirements of outgoing exchange students and issuance of transcripts to incoming exchange students with in 1 week after the grade release for the Term



Analyze the requirement and document processes pertaining to RO activities to facilitate Student record keeping. Implementation of student policies as per the student the handbook across all programmes

Documentation of processes on a timely basis and error free record keeping for easy retrieval. Implementing the policies programme wise as per the student handbook



Handling RO Email id and RO Portal - Queries.  Support in maintaining Department Data

Responding to all the emails received in RO email id & handling RO portal queries within 24 hours.

Compiling the data for accreditations as per required formats within the stipulated timeline.








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