Manager with Commercials Department


Job Title:





Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Director – Commercials  



Reportees to Position:

 Asst Manager, Associates





Job Purpose

To plan, source, negotiate, contract, procure and deliver services related to civil, electrical & plumbing activities, consumables & capital goods  to fill the requirements of the end users at ISB, Hyderabad, from quality vendor at right prices that are competitive and cost effective.



Job  Outline


The jobholder needs to be responsible for procurement of mostly project related services in the areas of Civil, electrical, plumbing & HVAC , Consumables and capital goods based on the requirements of the end users. S/he needs to oversee the commercial aspect of infrastructure projects which are taken up from time to time usually on turnkey contract basis. The incumbent needs to meet every user department, understand the requirements, timelines and budgetary limitations. S/he needs to ensure procurement of required materials and services at competitive and cost-effective prices and deliver them at the desired quality and at the required time.


The jobholder needs to schedule regular meetings for reviewing the tasks delivered and pending. S/he also needs to monitor customers’ feedback and enable resolution of the problems / issues. S/he needs to meet with the user departments to manage their expectations and review the performance of the Commercial team vis-à-vis the SLAs. The incumbent needs to identify reliable vendors who can meet the requirements of the institute and encourage new vendors who can offer more competitive prices and hence enable the cost advantage to the Institute. S/he needs to regularly evaluate the vendor performance and maintain an updated list of approved vendors for the institute. The incumbent needs to regularly interact with the vendors to address all the issues, give them feedback and seek their feedback.


The jobholder needs to identify opportunities for cost reduction / cost-effectiveness. S/he needs to review the performance of vendors with regard to timeliness and quality of deliveries on an ongoing basis. S/he needs to also oversee the automation of processes through SAP. In order to ensure effective execution of the job, s/he is also required to provide guidance and support to the commercial team as and when required.




Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Engineering Graduate + MBA (with Finance or Operations) or CA / ICWA

Knowledge in procurement function & business operations, Logical thinking, Interpersonal skills, Ability to prioritize, Negotiation skills, Planning, Organizing, Attention to details

Experience in project procurement and service procurement in the areas of Civil, electrical & plumbing activities are mandatory for this role.

10-15 yrs



Job Interface/Relationships:



  • All the users of Internal customers Dept
  • Vendors / Service providers



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To understand the annual budget & plans of the institute, the requirements of various user departments and deliver on the purchase requisitions in a timely and cost-effective manner



To understand and manage customer expectations through well-defined SLAs, policies and procedures



To perform required people responsibilities such as inspiring and motivating high standards of customer-service orientation, enabling adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs), bringing in quality consciousness & cost-effectiveness and other administrative responsibilities



To build a robust list of reliable and approved vendors for every kind of material or service required by the institute



To constantly strive towards cost-effectiveness by looking out for alternative materials & services, innovative commercial structuring of transactions, alternative vendors and ensure delivery of quality goods and services for the business operations



Maintain a professional, fair and trustworthy relationship with vendors and ensure they are acknowledged for good performance and rewarded with repeat orders



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Customer Relations

§ Efficiency of high-level interaction with user Departments across the School and procurement planning

§ Clear and agreed SLAs with customers

§ Report on performance against SLAs

§ Customer Satisfaction rating

§ Minimal procurement on unplanned basis

§ Timely closure of planned procurement

§ Non-compliance



Internal Processes

§ Ensure full implementation of and compliance with SoPs

§ Internal Audit & special Audits

§ SAP Steering Committee decisions and other studies / audits

§ Preparation of list of policy inadequacies / bottlenecks, and clearance

§ Process automation

§ Minimal adverse audit observations

§ Comprehensive MIS reports showing high adherence

§ SAP Steering Committee approval of SAP implementation in MM module



Vendor management

§ Develop a robust master list of approved vendors

§ Ability to identify vendors quickly for any requirement of the institute

§ Improving the vendor base & vendor relationships

§ Number of vendors identified for each material / service 

§ Vendors’ feedback on transaction efficiency and settlement of payments



Cost Effectiveness

§ Well-documented cost-effectiveness programme, and monitoring actuals against plan

§ Well-developed costing templates to determine / evaluate fair price for various materials and services to be procured by the institute

§ Cost reduction

§ Actual versus estimated budget




Any Other Significant Input


Similar Procurement experience of reputed business schools will get more weightage.