Manager with Academic Services and Administration

Job Title:





Name of Job Holder:

Course Manager



Reports to position:

Associate Director, ASA (Mohali Campus)



Reportees to Position:

Course coordinators




Job Purpose

Ensuring seamless functioning of course delivery process of ASA and maintaining the quality and ensuring timelines are met are the yardsticks of all activities related to the job for PGP program.

Overall responsibility to manage the courses in coordination with faculty and in-charge for functional development & implementation of any changes/updates to the Learning Management System (LMS), coordination with the course AA and audit work, manage international exchange course approvals on portal (iexchange database) and work on enhancement of the Exchange Portal, Constant checks on the Course lineup intranet portal and also responsible for timely updation of Salesforce database System. Manage the sync /async contents as a part of course requirements and ensure seamless functioning of course delivery in the Hybrid/online mode as and when needed.

Supervision of master class schedules for both campuses, manage the Best Teacher and AA Award of the Year Survey, generation of reports with accuracy, also responsible for course evaluation and work on annual report with high level of accuracy.

To provide administrative support for successful delivery of the Post Graduation Programme.


Job  Outline

Meticulous and timely functioning in the area of Course Management and

Coordination, under the supervision of HOD.

The incumbent should coordinate with Visiting Faculty & Resident Faculty to understand the course requirements and assure a seamless course delivery. 

To manage and supervise reportees and provide guidance in procuring software, simulations, games and the copyright permissions for compiling the course packs and coordinating with faculty for Sync/async Content. S/He is responsible to handle any issues related to the courses, audit credit request, LMS Support, audit related work, atrium and salesforce system update.

Manage all exchange queries and obtain course approvals from faculty coordinators. Communicate the same to the students within the timelines. Manage the exchange portal for queries related to ASA.

Class scheduling for both campuses taking into account all the constraints.

Supervision of course evaluations collection.

Support and work on the annual report.

Effectively manage the requirements and changes as and when needed as per the mode of program delivery in-class to online /hybrid platform and vice versa.

Coordinate with academic affairs council and conduct the student survey for the best Teacher & AA of the year awards Suggest improvement areas and identify training needs.

S/He should work closely with academic associates to ensure the smooth delivery of the program. 


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

MBA / Masters/PG Diploma from reputed university


Technical: MS Office, esp. MS XLS, Skillful handling of various software required for the functions

Behavioural: Interpersonal skills; teamwork; responsibility; quality Consciousness, Coordination skills, Communication skills, Attention to details, Negotiation skills, Presentation Skills, People management, Time management, Listening skills

8-10 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Faculty
  • Departments: Admissions, Alumni, LRC, SEAL, Finance, IT/AV, GRAF Office, Commercials & Operations
  • Students
  • External Vendors (for workshops & other course related logistics)
  • LMS vendors



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Course requirements



Program Delivery and Class Schedule, International Exchange



  Course Evaluations and annual reports



LMS (Learning Management System) , Salesforce Database  



Data, Collaboration & Team Development



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Course requirements


Extend support to faculty in understanding their expectations and receive the course related information by following ISB policies

Maintaining the case database & flag overlaps

Procure copyright permissions/licenses for course material, software & simulations

Coordinating with faculty on bidding related information before opening the bidding rounds in each term

Ensure that academic associates are aligned with faculty expectations on class-room delivery

Coordinate with Bookstore & LRC to arrange the sufficient copies of required/recommended textbooks

Maintain PGP lineup on intranet portal

Check course outlines for compliance

Managing sync /async contents and coordination with faculty on the same.

Submission of timely data to the audit team as per the set timelines.

Timelines given




Program Delivery and Class Schedule, International Exchange

Work with Area Course coordinators in conducting the Elective Info-sessions for the students

Support staff/alumni department in auditing/crediting the courses as per ISB policy

Faculty details page on atrium in coordination with Web Technical team in each term

Calculate Faculty contact hours in each term

Work with area faculty for international exchange course approvals

Supervise course related queries on ASAAssist.

Ensure seamless function of classes during the change in mode of delivery from in class to online or Hybrid mode

International exchange queries coordination with faculty and updating the final report on the iExhange portal and enhancement of database.

Oversee the Class Schedule for both campuses and day to day schedule adjustments if any and mange tutorials /extra sessions if any

Timelines given  and Accuracy



Course Evaluations and annual reports

Supervise in collecting the feedback from students in each term

Work on the annual reports with high precision.

As per timelines



LMS (Learning Management System), Salesforce Database

Supervising on providing the LMS access to Faculty, AAs & Students

Handling queries on courses related activities on LMS

Updation of lineup data on the salesforce in line with the intranet portal (atrium)

As per timelines



Data management, Survey, Collaboration & Team Development

Maintain data related to course outlines as audit requirement

Interact with IT, LRC, Alumni, FD, Commercials, SEAL, GRAF Office, Marketing, Operations departments & vendors to ensure the smooth delivery of courses

Faculty & AA of the Year: Execute student survey and collate data for identifying the faculty & academic associates of the year within the week specified

To manage and supervise direct reportees and provide guidance. 

Provide feedback and suggest improvement areas. Identify training needs

As per timelines







Improved productivity of the team



Any Other Significant Input

There can be weekend and late evening working involved depending on the requirements.