Policy Analyst - Executive Education

Job Title:

Policy Analyst


Exec Ed-Govt Business

Reports to position:

Associate Director



Reportees to Position:



Fixed Term


Job Purpose

The ISB-CEE delivers custom-designed courses for public and private sector organizations in India. We are seeking a candidate to join our team as a Policy Analyst who will bring with them rigorous research abilities and strong quantitative and communication skills.


Job Outline

Ideal candidates will have a keen interest in impact evaluation methodologies along with sound quantitative skills. They will be familiar with survey design, as well as randomized and quasi-experimental research methods. They will possess demonstrated vision, initiative, and track record for producing high-impact research.

They should also possess exceptional communication and facilitation skills, and be able to effectively share their research findings with stakeholders with different levels of familiarity with technical subjects.


Job Specification



Master’s degree in public policy, research methods, or a related discipline.



Good writing skills, including writing proposals.



Excellent interpersonal & communication skills


0-3 years

Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Within department or other departments in ISB
  • Clients to understand their learning needs


Key Responsibilities


·       Aiding CEE outreach activities by preparing approach notes for existing and potential partners and stakeholders

·       Preparing effective policy briefs and memos for stakeholders

·       Helping create impact assessment plans for CEE programmes, driving efforts to quantify the effectiveness of our course curricula and delivery

·       Using the evaluation of learners’ experiences and outcomes to employ design improvements

·       Liaising with the CEE team to analyse course content, resources, participant results, and faculty course ratings, and ensuring that they align with previously set goals

·       Help finesse learning assets through consultations with senior stakeholders

·       Researching current trends and different domains for developing new and more effective curricula, learning outcomes, and teaching methods and communicating these to faculty and clients

·       Providing ideas for sessions, workshops and instructional materials to support faculty and improve lesson delivery and admin processes.



Any Other Significant Input

Good to have: Experience or interest in education delivery, including curriculum design and blended learning. Some teaching experience and or exposure to training/L&D practices.

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