Programme Manager – Digital Learning

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Asst Manager / Manager – Programme Management


Digital Learning


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A4 / A3

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Job Purpose

To plan and handle end-end programme workflows as per established guidelines of the center and provide an outstanding experience for the end users of the products created at Digital Learning, ISB.


Job Outline


The job holder will play a key role in establishing the Digital Learning as a leading global player in Education through effective handling and coordination of resources, capabilities and logistics for all programmes delivered by the centre in the online format.  

-    A Programme manager is involved at the MOU sign-off stage of the programme as the SPOC for internal and external stakeholders, supporting end-to-end management & coordination of the programme through the pre-during-post programme delivery phases.

-    S/he will be part of the team comprising Business Development, Learning Solutions and faculty, which engages with the client to set and meet programme delivery expectations.

-    S/he will maintain all data required for assigning resources efficaciously to the programme, including data on past programmes and their learning components, faculty data and client history

-    S/he will coordinate with Operations in the school to plan assignment of facilities for assigned programmes

-    S/he will engage with the faculty to effectively communicate programme learning needs, schedule learning sessions, communicate programme progress, and in the case of visiting faculty, take care of all their travel and stay requirements

-    S/he will work with the client to continually align learning needs with programme design and delivery and ensure highest levels of client satisfaction

-    The job holder will work with the delivery team to handle classroom & stay requirements of the programme.

-    The job holder will work closely with the client, learning architects & programme delivery teams to design programme session plans, and ensure that all pre-course and course materials, including cases, simulations, participant lists & programme artwork that are essential for programme delivery are procured in a timely and efficient manner.

-    As a part of the post programme activity, the incumbent manages budget sheets, closes expenses & related formalities

-    Efficaciously manages faculty contracts till payouts

-    Job holder must display exceptional project management skills to ensure all the above tasks are completed on time with high levels of stakeholder satisfaction.

-    S/ he must establish and continually track metrics that measure efficiency and satisfaction at different points in the programme workflow

-    S/he is expected to maintain end-end data repository of each aspect of the programme to fulfil internal & external audit purposes, as & when required.

-    The incumbent arranges the above while complying with the cost, time and quality guidelines of the centre.

To ensure effective execution of the job, the incumbent is expected to interact with external vendors and departments within ISB for making the above arrangements.



Job Specification


Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Graduate /Post-Graduate


Exceptional Project Management skills with strong attention to detail, Excellent oral and written communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, Event Management skills, Team work, Coordination skills, Cross functional collaborative skills, Negotiation skills, Cost consciousness, Innovation, Due Diligence, Client Relations, Documentation, MIS Reporting, Data Analysis


4 to 10 years working in a high-growth, dynamic environment, especially in the ed-tech industry is highly preferred




Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Enterprise BD team
  • Faculty
  • Facilities Users Committee
  • Programme Delivery Team
  • HR/Finance/Operations
  • Vendors/Coaching Agencies
  • Executive Housing management
  • Clients



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To coordinate with client, faculty, participants and vendors to ensure smooth pre-program coordination



To support arrangement of flawless and innovative programme logistics to leave positive impact in the mind of participants



To coordinate for all post programme activities such as, closure of all programme related expenses, supply programme information to database



To take corrective action based on the participant’s feedback for improvement of programme logistics and reduction of logistic costs



Effect best-in-class process workflows and maintain and update data relevant for all workflow activities



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


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