Senior Associate with Admission and Financial Aid

Job Title:

Senior Associate


Admission and Financial Aid

Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Assistant Manager



Reportees to Position:





Job Purpose

  • Handling of PO and NON PO accounting for vendor payments, employee payments, accounting of employee travel, corporate credit card and other advances /settlement.


Job Outline

  • The jobholder as  Senior Associate – reports to the Assistant Manager-AFA and performs a set of responsibilities which enables timely and accurate accounting  and processing of accounting of  payment entry for vendor after reviewing the vendor invoices, Creating PR/PO by following appropriate procedures as per the policy.
  • The incumbent needs to determine the account heads, enter the transaction in SAP and put across the same to the reporting manager for further approval.
  • The job holder needs to ensure that established processes related to accounting are followed for all transactions and are in adherence to the school’s requirements.
  • While executing the job the job needs to provide necessary information when sought for by the other departments. Further as and when required s/he needs to provide support and assistance to the team members.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

  • B.Com / M.Com
  • Interpersonal Skill, Good communication skills, Basic accounting knowledge, Coordination Skills, Follow Up, Attention to Details, Time Management, SAP, MS Office



Job Interface/Relationships:


  • AFA Programmes and Functions
  • Commercials
  • Finance
  • Vendors
  • Hotel



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Accounting of payment entries of all the department related activities



Settling and reconciling various Bills along with the confirmations and audit trails/ Release of Purchase Orders/Generate Purchase Requisitions and coordinating with Finance and Commercial Team for timely reconciliation of the same



Organizing complete logistics of AFA events - Road shows, Info sessions/interviews (requires Hotels/Vendor Management/Travel management)



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



Any Other Significant Input

  • The person should be willing to work on weekends also, as and when required (however, the person can take compensatory off in lieu off the same as per extant HR policy of the organization).

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