Senior Project Associate with Bharti Institute of Public Policy

Job Title:

Sr. Project Associate - BIPP


Bharti Institute of Public Policy (BIPP)

Reports to position:

Policy Director - BIPP



Reportees to Position:



FT (under the BMGF-TAF Grant)


Job Purpose

To provide accounts management & grant utilizations related support & other administrative support (related to contracts, logistics, hiring, meetings, conferences, etc.) under the BIPP grants; with focus on the TA Facility under the BMGF grant.


Job  Outline

The jobholder as “Senior Project Associate – BIPP” performs a set of responsibilities that ensure the requisite administrative, logistics, financial and grant management related office support to the TA Facility and other projects at BIPP.

A. The incumbent will provide operational and logistics support – admin responsibilities, plan and make necessary travel arrangements, keep track of project expenses, maintain internal records of bills and spends, verify expenses and, help in the required correspondence with external partners for administrative and logistics purposes.

B. The job holder will maintain a systematic record of activities and expenses for the various projects/grants. He/she also needs to compare with the expense list shared by finance to ensure the accuracy of the accounting. He/She will procure the required utilization and other related reports to share with the donor.

C. The jobholder will coordinate with the Finance department to submit bills as well as follow-up for pending bills & invoices and constantly be in touch with the Finance team to ensure the whole activity is completed and the reimbursements/payments are made accordingly.

D. He/She will undertake the required processes for manpower hiring and onboarding and, agencies and partners’ onboarding as well.

E. The job holder will also work with BIPP team in managing workshops/trainings, conferences, media events and other outreach activities relating to the project(s) as and when required.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Postgraduate/ Graduate


Role – Admin & operations,  Accounts management, Grant Utilization & tracking, Vendor/Consultant/Employee Coordination.

Skills - Interpersonal skills, coordination skills, time management, communication skills, attention to details

5 to 15 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • TA Facility & other initiatives’ teams across the country
  • BIPP personnel
  • Departments within ISB for facilitation of the TA Facility/projects and its activities
  • Vendors
  • Consultants



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Logistics & Operations: Keep track of project expenses, maintain internal records of bills and spends, verify expenses, plan and make necessary travel arrangements, and help in the required correspondence with external partners for administrative and logistics’ purposes.



Grants Utilization: Financial management and Grant Utilization support by comparing the internal expenses record with the utilization shared by finance team and identify discrepancies as well as act on them for the projects and, prepare grant utilization reports to be shared with the donors.

Track & maintain records of all expenses incurred for the projects/grants. Ensure that expenses are recorded and tracked under specific budget heads as specified by donor.



Hiring, Onboarding & Relieving/closure: Ensure timely and process-driven invoices, agreements, etc.,  consultant and employee contracts and paperwork, partners/agencies onboarding and, maintaining the required record systems across the duration of the engagement.



Office Administrative Tasks: Undertake tasks like dealing with telephone and email enquiries, backend support, scheduling meetings, making cab, travel and accommodation arrangements for project personnel. Submission & settlement of reimbursement claims on time. Coordinate & follow-up with BIPP team members for timely submission of reimbursement claims’ details and expenses, and ensure timely and accurate recording of the same. Follow-up with other departments for timely submissions, movement of required processes/paperwork across departments and, payments.



Events: Work with TAF & related teams in organizing and facilitating events, workshops, conferences, trainings etc. Assist visiting scholars and guests.



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


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