Social Media Content Specialist - Marketing and Communications Department


The Marketing and Communications Department at ISB leads brand building initiatives for the School. It supervises and directs the workflow of the School's outreach through marketing channels (website, events, social media, online, print, etc.), advertising, and public relations functions of the School. It also works with other departments within and outside the School to enhance, protect and safeguard the institution's brand value across the globe and across all channels.

We are currently seeking a candidate to join our team as a Social Media Content Specialist who will bring with them strong writing skills, a sound understanding of communication strategies for social media, and a keen interest in driving the organisation’s marketing efforts on social and digital platforms.

The position holder will report to the Senior Manager - Marketing and Communications.

Key responsibilities

·       Identifying newsworthy developments from across the organisation and spearheading the creation and dissemination of well-crafted content, that resonates with the various audiences of the School, on ISB’s social media handles

·       Driving audience engagement (internal and external) on social media platforms through well thought out content strategies and content customised to the typical interactions of each channel

·       Liaising with teams across the organisation to identify developments/content that help in spotlighting the School’s research, academic and advisory strengths

·       Managing the logistics of delivering content to various social channels, including managing a content calendar, scheduling posts, etc. as well as benchmarking the School’s content against competitors

·       Managing communities, copywriting, and occasional creative direction 

Candidate profile

·       Ideal candidates will have a background in content creation, marketing, journalism, media/public relations or a related field coupled with at least 5-7 years of work experience

·       They will have exceptional communication, presentation and advocacy skills, a sound understanding of SEO and online audience engagement best practices, and the ability to consistently produce high-quality written content with attention to detail

·       They will have a good understanding of social media metrics and should be able to use it to craft relevant social media strategies.

·       Formal training in mass communications, journalism, or marketing is preferred but not necessary.

Desired attributes

·       Strong communication and interpersonal skills, both written and verbal

·       At least 4-6 years’ experience working in content creation, marketing, journalism, media, public relations, or related fields

·       Demonstrated ability in operating social media platforms for large organisations and

driving audience engagement

·       Good to have (but not necessary): A bachelor’s or advanced degree in mass

communications, marketing, journalism or a related field

·       Good to have (but not necessary): A working knowledge of HTML/CMS

·       Good to have (but not necessary): Experience working with educational institutions


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