Sr. Manager – Enterprise Solutions


Job Title:

Sr. Manager


Business Development Advisor

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Bangalore/Hyderabad/ Chennai

Reports to position:

Associate Director (Garima)



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Job Purpose


To achieve ambitious targets and build the ISB brand in the corporate world through first-rate Executive Education interventions.






Key Responsibilities


Leverage and Expand Existing Customer Relationships

·       Understanding the existing clients business, situation and needs better than they do

·       Remap key role holders and stakeholders

·       Maintaining a customer relationship matrix and calendar - who should be met, how often

·       Replicate past programmes for new audiences

·       Surfacing new opportunities for custom programmes

·       Connecting accounts to other ISB resources e.g. Open Programmes, Case Development Centre, Research, Placement Team, etc.



Acquire New Customers

·       Target high propensity customer organizations in your region based on revenues, headcount, industry trends, etc.

·       Map key role holders in target accounts

·       Create a focused plan for acquiring the target accounts

·       Conduct basic research about the organization, their market position, learning budgets, etc.

·       Reach out to build strategic relationships across key role holders and stakeholders

·       Think through and validate the likely challenges and business need of the organization

·       Share the ISB portfolio of offerings

·       Identify and scope out new opportunities

·       Regularly plan for the next set of targeted accounts



Bring Sales Opportunities to Closure

·       Prepare approach notes and proposal documents

·       Managing diagnostic studies and brining in Learning Consultants / Learning Architects / Faculty / Sr. Director / etc. to support the sales process when required

·       Translate client-provided information into clear programme objectives and learning outcomes

·       Shepherd the proposal through its various stages of evaluation and feedback by internal stakeholders

·       Negotiate and close deals

·       Coordinate legal discussions and signing formalities

·       Collect the initial payments from the customer

·       Handover all information and details to a Program Manager

·       Document contacts, interactions and other key details in Salesforce



Further strengthen your funnel of opportunities by increasing activity, boosting conversion, reducing the sales cycle, etc. 



Maintain up-to-date account records, contact details, opportunity status etc. in the CRM



Qualities for Success


A Successful Candidate Should Have:

·       Desire to take on ambitious targets and own the outcomes

·       Superb verbal, listening and written business communication skills

·       Business, technology, HR and leadership development savvy

·       Premium product/service mindset (not “sales by discounting” mindset)

·       Willingness to use the CRM to document and maintain customer relationships

·       Personality/gravitas/confidence to interact with business leaders and CHROs as a peer and trusted advisor, rather than as a “requirement taker”

·       Able to orchestrate complex sales through multiple stakeholders, customized products/services, and sophisticated customers

·       Strong negotiation skills based on creating a win-win approach

·       8-15 years of total experience with 5+ years in B2B sales / business development / account management

·       Experience selling to business leaders and HR

·       Able to listen, empathize and ask timely questions

·       Able to write compelling, easy to understand, sophisticated emails, proposals, etc.

·       Persuasive and sophisticated on the phone and on video calls

·       Proven expertise in consultative, configure to order sales

·       Track record of high achievement in B2B sales / business development

·       High energy

·       MBA degree/PGP/PGDM


A Successful Candidate Could Have:

·       Experience working with engineer-to-order environment

·       Dazzling presentation skills

·       Good network of contacts among HR/L&D leaders

·       Good understanding of the leadership development space

·       Custom Executive Education sales experience

·       Experience designing / delivering Executive Education / high end training / etc.

·       PhD


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