Senior Manager with Projects and Operations

Job Title:

Senior Manager




Name of Job Holder:

To Be Hired



Reports to position:

Director - Operations



Reportees to Position:

Sr. Manager Engineering, Operations and Projects, Associate Projects




Job Purpose

To lead the Engineering function with respect to the operation of the campus and ideate, curate, and execute retrofit projects end to end.


Job Outline

At ISB, the Operations function plays a key role in providing high-quality facility-related services to internal & external customers.

The job holder as Senior Manager – Project and Operations reports to the Director - Operations of Hyderabad and Mohali campuses. He or she would ensure good governance of the Facility Management by leading the service provider team, governing their contractual deliverables and ensuring high levels of service delivery that is contractually mandated.  

Design Evaluation

S/he must closely work on the expansion / retrofit projects with internal and outsourced team on the design evaluation for MEP streams and has to introduce new innovative ideas specific for smooth operations during the concept stage.

Facility & Project Management:

S/He leads the engineering team to ensure 100% uptime of all the facilities of the complete built-up space of 1.3 million square feet. S/He must ensure that the team follows the service SOPs & adheres to the PPM schedule to keep the campus infrastructure world-class.

Customer centricity will be the overarching KRA and creating a good user experience for Faculty, Students would be the primary deliverable of the role. Collaborating abilities with peers is a fundamental requirement for this position since the role has strong interdependence of other department members to run the service lines efficiently and effectively.

The role would demand tactfulness, grace and at the same time lot of business acumen while interacting with suppliers. Person should be capable of networking with professional fraternity groups and tap the benefits of their combined wisdom to implement best practices, sourcing good vendors and products.  

Optimal Space utilization

Should monitor and gauge the effective utilization of available space, enhance seating capacity from time to time depending on the business needs.

Cost Consciousness

The jobholder needs to drive budget by closely monitoring the existing cost of various vendors in consultation with the Director – Operations, Commercials and implement new ideas for reducing costs without compromising the quality.

S/he needs to identify and implement methods for minimizing wastages increase efficiencies and drive energy conservation methodologies. To ensure smooth flow of the administrative activities the incumbent needs to oversee the preparation of the SLAs, checklists and monthly evaluation of contracts / agreements for service providers in accordance with the set standards.


S/He has to drive the Sustainability initiatives and prepare a comprehensive plan for reducing carbon footprint of the school. S/He has to drive the OSC (Operations and Sustainability Council) for Sustainability and Operational excellence campaigns. S/he has to plan and design any new facility to be LEED Platinum compliant and prepare action plan for LEED Zero.

Energy Audits to be evaluated and Cost Benefit Analysis must be worked out with the least Pay Back Period with efficient savings.  


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Interpersonal skills, Planning and execution skills, Coordination skills, Cost consciousness, Knowledge of operating procedures, Analytical skills, Ability to look beyond obvious, Understanding trends, understanding customers needs, Ability to work with demanding and divergent stakeholders

10 to 16 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Students
  • Faculty
  • All departments and CoE’s
  • Vendors / Service providers
  • CEIG and PCB etc
  • Other Organizations
  • External Auditors
  • Project team



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To oversee the upkeep of the facility infrastructure and ensure 100% uptime in running the campus



To oversee the overall administrative activities associated with Operations function as per established guidelines and SOP’s



To develop in house capabilities and encourage training session for all associated with department



To implement action on internal customer ratings and ensure the  needs are attended to with in the stipulated time



To identify big elements of cost and find ways to reduce them



To drive implementation of Automation Innovation to improve infrastructure safety or security



To drive budgets in consultation with the Director - Operations and participate in the annual business planning exercise



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Constantly work on identifying & reducing wastages and improving efficiencies of resources

Close monitoring of MIS and suggest improvements for better results

Maintaining 100% uptime of Infrastructure & efficient Services at optimal costs

Compliance with established procedures



Sustainability at ISB

Reduction of carbon foot prints 

LEED O&M certification

Energy Audits

Introducing technical innovations

Year on year reduction in energy, water usage.

Energy certifications



Develop Sources utilization

Better control of inventory

Percentage reduction in O&M costs



Safe and secure ISB

Disaster management plan   

Number of Disaster management initiatives



Build Team capability

New skill development (Technical/Behavioral), Knowledge enhancement

Number of training programs per quarter

Percentage of performance improvement since that past appraisal cycle

Feedback / poll / survey



Implement best practices

Develop comprehensive Policies & Procedures, SOP's, and Checklists

System driven department and meeting requirements of AACSB accreditation



Any Other Significant Input

This role requires valuable and quality interactions and meetings with different stakeholders and ensures that the State of Art facilities are adhered to. During crisis this role require the enormous planning and execution keeping cost the campus safety into consideration.

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