ISB-NBER Conference on Economic Policy and the Indian Economy

Call for Papers

Entrepreneurship, Public Policy, and Economic Outcomes 

Hyderabad, India – December 17-18, 2022

The first annual ISB-NBER conference on Economic Policy and the Indian Economy will be held at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, on December 17-18, 2022. The conference series will showcase research on a range of topics that are relevant to India and other nations in South Asia. The 2022 meeting will emphasize the determinants of entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and job creation, and the role of economic policy in affecting these outcomes.  The meeting will be co-organized by Shilpa Aggarwal (ISB) and Amit Seru (Stanford University and NBER).

Topics that may be addressed at the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • How frictions in labor, capital, and product markets affect the level and direction of entrepreneurship.
  • The role of human capital, technology and innovation in enterprise development and job creation. 
  • The impact of government policies that affect entrepreneurial growth and human capital development, including taxation and the provision of credit to small businesses.
  • Analysis of capital market regulations, including those affecting banks and securities markets, and their effects on business creation, financing, and growth.  
  • The role of international trade, immigration, and foreign investment in entrepreneurial activity.

The conference organizers are eager to spotlight work on the Indian economy and the proximate region, but related research on similar questions that analyses other nations will also be considered.  

The organizers welcome submissions by scholars who are early in their careers, who are not NBER affiliates, and who are members of under-represented groups. To be considered for inclusion on the program, completed papers must be uploaded by 11:59pm (EDT) on August 25, 2022 via the paper submission link given below. 

Please do not submit papers that have been accepted for publication and that will be published by December 2022. In keeping with NBER requirements, papers may not make policy recommendations.  Authors chosen to present papers will be notified in September 2022.  The conference hosts will provide a travel allowance for one author per paper, roughly equal to business class airfare for participants travelling from outside India. The hosts will also cover all conference-related lodging and meal expenses.  Other co-authors are welcome to attend the meeting at their own expense. For participants traveling from within India, the conference organizers will cover travel and lodging expenses for all co-authors.

Questions about the subject matter of the meeting may be addressed to shilpa_aggarwal@isb.edu or aseru@stanford.edu.  Other conference-related questions may be directed to confer@nber.org.  Please share this call for papers with colleagues who may be interested in submitting a paper. 


Friday, December 16

6:30 pm

Welcome Dinner
Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, 115/1 Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Saturday, December 17

9:00 am


Bhagwan Chowdhry, Indian School of Business
John Lipsky, NBER

9:15 am

Conference Overview

Shilpa Aggarwal, Indian School of Business
Amit Seru, Stanford University and NBER

9:30 am

You Get What You Pay For: Electricity Quality and Firm Response

Meera Mahadevan, University of California at Irvine


Shawn Cole, Harvard University and NBER

10:30 am

Demonetization and Firm Exports

Ritam Chaurey, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Ryan Kim, Johns Hopkins University

Pravin Krishna, Johns Hopkins University and NBER


Raghuram Rajan, University of Chicago and NBER


11:30 am


12:00 noon

Safety Nets, Credit, and Investment: Evidence from a Guaranteed Income Program

Pulak Ghosh, India Institute of Management Bangalore

Nishant Vats, University of Chicago


Karthik Muralidharan, University of California, San Diego and NBER

1:00 pm


2:15 pm

The Dance Between Government and Private Investors: Public Entrepreneurial Finance around the Globe

Jessica Bai, Harvard University

Shai Bernstein, Harvard University and NBER

Abhishek Dev, Yale University

Josh Lerner, Harvard University and NBER


Per Stromberg, Stockholm School of Economics

3:15 pm


3:45 pm

Local Elections, Leader Identity, and Hate Speech in Rural India

Aarushi Kalra, Brown University


Shilpa Aggarwal, Indian School of Business

4:45 pm

Tax Cuts, Firm Growth, and Worker Earnings: Evidence from Small Business Deductions in Canada

Terry Moon, University of British Columbia

Yige Duan, University of British Columbia


James M. Poterba, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6:00 pm

Dinner Followed by Optional Concert on ISB Campus

Sunday, December 18

9:00 am

Women's Inheritance Rights and Entrepreneurship Gender Gap

Lakshmi Naaraayanan, London Business School


Manju Puri, Duke University and NBER

10:00 am

How Does Caste Affect Entrepreneurship? Birth versus Worth

Sampreet Singh Goraya, Stockholm School of Economics


Vikrant Vig, Northwestern University and NBER

11:00 am


11:30 am

Financial Access and Gender-wise Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Rural India

Sandhya Garg, Institute of Economic Growth

Samarth Gupta, Ahmedabad University

Sushanta Mallick, Queen Mary, University of London


Bhagwan Chowdhry, Indian School of Business

12:30 pm

The Unholy Trinity: Regulatory Forbearance, Government-Owned Banks and Zombie Firms

Anusha Chari, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and NBER

Lakshita Jain, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nirupama Kulkarni, CAFRAL


Nagpurnanand R. Prabhala, Johns Hopkins University

1:30 pm

Closing Remarks

Bhagwan Chowdhry, Indian School of Business
James Poterba, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER

1:45 pm


2:15 pm

Depart for High Tea at Falaknuma Palace