PGPpro Web Series: Personal Branding for Professional Growth, October 4, 2020

Oct 04, 202018:00 - 19:00

PGPpro Web Series: "Personal Branding for Professional Growth" by Gaby Wasensteiner, LinkedIn

The intent is to equip the attendees with the art of how to present themselves to the world. How effective personal branding will differentiate them from the competition and allow them to build trust with prospective clients and employers, in times of crisis.

About the Speaker:

Gaby Wasensteiner, Brand Manager, LinkedIn

After completing her masters in Japanese Studies in Munich, Germany, Gaby has been working in various marketing roles across different industries .Her dream is to further strengthen and enable professional cross-cultural relationships and after having spent 2 years working in London she returned to Germany in 2018 to start her current role as brand marketing manager for LinkedIn.