PGPMAX Masterclass, October 17, 2020

Oct 17, 202017:00 - 18:30

Want to learn about a strategic management concept? Ever wondered what it’s like to attend an Executive MBA class in ISB? Then join us for an online masterclass on October 17, 2020. If you’re interested in pursuing the PGPMAX (Executive MBA) programme, this is an opportunity to get a taste of executive MBA learning with the world-renowned ISB faculty.

Outline: In this Masterclass, you will learn about some of the technological forces that are leading disruption in today’s business environment, and why incumbents in an industry fail to recognize or respond to change that is potentially disruptive. Why did Barnes & Noble give way to Amazon? Why did the minicomputer industry not survive the advent of the personal computer? At the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to recognize technology-led disruptions in your own industry as well as the shifts that are required in your organization to respond to these potential disruptions.