Silent Protector - Mairu Jain

Never judge a book by its cover. This adage perfectly describes Mairu Jain, a young intelligence officer with the Intelligence Bureau till recently. Young, soft-spoken and all of 29 years, she is a BTech in Electronics and Instrumentation.

However, post her training as an engineer, she decided to join her family business and help her father run his business of a rice mill. She refused a corporate job with a steelmaker and innovated on making the best use of rice husks and broken rice generated from the industrial process. Meantime, she kept applying for government jobs and, three years back joined the Bureau as an Assistant Central Intelligence Officer in their Dehradun unit.

Being a field agent, she tracked economic offences, terror funding, detecting fake currency and drug trafficking. In the short span she spent with the Bureau, she received two commendations from the IB for her role in national security and COVID management.

Though many awards came to her during the service, the modest growth in the job made her decide to pursue further studies in the management field. “I also applied to foreign business schools but decided to go with ISB after positive feedback from some alums I spoke with,” she said.

She is keen to pursue consulting and general management roles that involve private organisations to work with the government as a Public Policy Manager.