Space Tech Pro - Mohit Modi

The future is all about real-time. Geospatial technology is soon going to be the backbone for forging public-private partnerships. Fortunately, India is in a good place with it. 

Thanks to the behind-the-scenes dedication of Indian scientists and government proactiveness. Mohit Modi is one such scientist who strengthened India’s capabilities in space tech just before coming to ISB. 

The 32-year-old remembers his interest in mathematics and sport as a child. Eventually, his interests led him to pursue the IIT-JEE entrance exams. On achieving a good rank, Mohit was sure. “My clear choice was to pursue any engineering streams but programming or Information Technology. Anything to do with computers I wanted to avoid.” 

Instead, he was offered a full scholarship to pursue his BTech in Physical Science (Space sciences) and Remote Sensing. On completion, he was campus recruited by ISRO and started working on building India’s latest satellite launch vehicle, the GSLV Mk-III. 

He then went on to work on remote sensing projects of the Government of India, which were entrusted to the ISRO. Mohit’s skills saw him using geo-spatial technology for various remote sensing projects like the National Land use and Land care mission and geo-informatics to determine the state of progress of rural roads in the country.

Now, as an ISB-PGP student interested in learning about business, Mohit is again particular about what he wants to do post his business education. “I enjoyed my role as a Product Manager and am also open to experimentation with consulting.”