Manpreet Kaur: Ambitious Change Catalyst

Manpreet's career has always revolved around making things happen. Whether it was implementing the "Make in India" label for domestic products, developing a quality assurance framework for oxygen concentrators during the COVID-19 pandemic, or starting the first women's football team at her school, she has consistently pursued her ambitions. Now, her desire to pursue a management program has brought her to the ISB campus.

During her time at the Quality Council of India (QCI), 28-year-old Manpreet took the lead on high-stakes projects, such as implementing the "Made in India" label. This initiative aimed to boost domestic manufacturing, employment, and the global recognition of Indian products. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she played a crucial role in developing a Quality Assurance Framework for oxygen concentrators, ensuring their quality and effectiveness, potentially saving numerous lives.

She established the first women's team at her school, leading to a surge of interest in her community. Her exceptional leadership skills were recognised, earning her the captaincy for the Chandigarh’s women's football team in multiple national championships.   

Manpreet's journey to join ISB's PGP class of 2024 is driven by her desire to broaden her horizons beyond the government sector. 

Explaining her immediate goals, she states, "Having worked in the government sector, I witnessed the tremendous impact that effective leadership and strategic decision-making can have on shaping policies and driving change. However, I also recognised the need to expand my horizons and explore the challenges and opportunities in the private sector. Pursuing PGP at ISB will equip me with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully navigate this transition."