Samar Manimaran: Adaptive Space Innovator

At the awe-inspiring launch pads of Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, 29-year-old Samar Manimaran’s expertise as a System Reliability engineer has ensured the seamless integration and launching of these incredible machines for around seven years.

Samar, an aerospace engineer, honed his problem-solving skills under immense pressure. Overseeing critical rocket integration operations, he collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure flawless operations during countdowns, the pivotal final phase of a rocket launch. With a keen sense of responsibility and pride in ISRO's missions, Samar navigated challenging situations with remarkable composure and successfully executed close to 50 missions.

 Samar's contributions extended beyond his technical role. He authored a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan document, providing standardised procedures for launch operations at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Additionally, he spearheaded public outreach programmes, inspiring thousands of students in Andhra Pradesh to pursue careers in Space Science and Technology.

Armed with technical knowledge and a burning ambition, Samar now aims to establish his own firm, providing reliable products to both ISRO and the private space sector in India. With the government actively promoting indigenous private players through initiatives like IN-SPACe, Samar sees the current market landscape as the perfect opportunity to accomplish his goals.

 “The future missions of ISRO, particularly Gaganyaan, present an unprecedented opportunity to make a profound impact on Indian society. As I try to venture into the private space sector, I envision establishing my own firm to actively contribute to these missions and collaborate with ISRO and other stakeholders. By leveraging my technical expertise and experience, I aim to drive innovation, create partnerships, and unlock new possibilities in sectors like telecommunications and Earth observation. Through these efforts, I seek to positively impact the socio-economic development of India while fostering the growth of the Indian space industry,” he says.