Law Enforcement Has Critical Role In Preventing Criminal Use of AI: Maharashtra Principal Secretary at Indian School of Business

By Team Marcomm Sep 06, 2023

Speaking at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Brijesh Singh, Principal Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra highlighted the potential and challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Brijesh Singh, IPS, Principal Secretary, Chief Minister's Office, Government of Maharashtra shared his insights and experiences on the topic-“Generative AI: Risks and Countermeasures", at the Indian School of Business (ISB) on September 6, 2023.

Brijesh Singh underlined that the failure to adequately understand and address new risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) could undermine responsible development and public trust. He said, “Criminals may weaponize these flexible systems without constraints, posing threats from the dissemination of state-sponsored disinformation to sophisticated economic interference and identity theft at scale. Their very abilities to learn from and generate novel output based on immense datasets magnify both promise and vulnerabilities in unprecedented ways.”

The talk was organised by the ISB Institute of Data Science (IIDS) at the school’s Hyderabad campus. Many students of ISB and members of the faculty were in attendance at the discussion.

Mr Singh said, “Law enforcement too plays a pivotal part in mitigating harms, whether through new reporting frameworks that raise awareness of critical incidents or cross-industry task forces targeting the root sources of online criminal activities.”

He added, “Just as AI progresses unevenly across domains and usage, our defenses must adapt through open information sharing between groups on the forefront. By addressing socio-technical issues systematically and proactively, we can steer these powerful technologies toward meeting human needs in a trustworthy manner. Together if we uphold principles of integrity, security and responsibility, the future remains bright for AI to benefit all of society.”

Brijesh Singh, IPS, Principal Secretary, Chief Minister's Office, Government of Maharashtra at ISB