Meghalaya MLAs attend ISB workshop at ISB

Nov 18, 2023

The Bharti Institute of Public Policy, in association with the Government of Meghalaya, successfully conducted the third fully residential public policy workshop for Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) from Meghalaya at the Hyderabad campus. The workshop aimed at empowering the elected representatives with various aspects related to effective governance and policymaking. The workshop was also marked by the launch of the Meghalaya data portal.  

Speaking on the launch of data portal, ISB faculty Ashwini Chhatre said: “The contours of the open data landscape have evolved and transformed over time. The readability of data has become easier than before, as we see a departure from non-machine-readable formats to computer vision and image analysis, which are more amenable. Government alone cannot be the harbinger of change in the open data landscape; the growth of new technology would act as a potential solution to reconcile the demand and supply side”.