National Conclave on “Driving India’s Growth Momentum”

Nov 25, 2014

The Indian School of Business (ISB) today organised a national conclave on - Driving India’s Growth Momentum”, focusing on the four important verticals of Public Policy, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Infrastructure. The ISB’s National conclave has been organised by the four research institutes – Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Max Institute of Healthcare Management, Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing and Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management in line with the school’s mission of driving research that impacts policy, practice and to create and disseminate research-based knowledge in management.

The day-long conclave has witnessed participation from leading members of the government, industry and academia, where insights were shared by some eminent experts/leaders on the need of shaping policies in these sectors that are critical in driving India’s growth momentum.

Welcoming the delegates Ajit Rangnekar, Dean ISB, said that the School had identified the importance of public policy, healthcare, manufacturing and infrastructure as key areas of growth several years ago. He said, “We at ISB are working with the government to further enhance policy making and its implementation in the country. We see our role three fold: First is to provide the best possible education in these four sectors. Second is to provide insights through rigorous database research and the third is to create platforms where we bring the government, industry and academia together to solve and come out with solutions for the country’s needs.”

The Conclave began with the session - Beyond Macroeconomics – Public Policy for Growth with Arun Maira, former member, Planning Commission as the keynote speaker. Maira said, “Public Policy is an ongoing process of learning through systematic consultation amongst the stakeholders who change the condition in which they operate together and there by produce the outcome they want.The essence of a good competitive strategy is the ability to adapt in a changing world there the best strategy for a business corporation is learning how to learn."

Speaking about the Conclave, Pradeep Singh, Deputy Dean & CEO of Mohali campus said, “The engines of a solid infrastructure base, a dynamic manufacturing sector and a healthy and productive workforce, coupled with public policy, are the drivers of sustainable growth and development. Today’s Conclave aimed to find some solutions as to how these engines can be best nurtured for India’s growth."

Public and Private together: the road to universal healthcare’ was the second panel discussion which focused on how the public and private sectors partner and complement each other to address healthcare needs across all services and economic groups.

The third panel discussion was on ‘avoiding the middle income trap: innovation for advanced manufacturing’. Its focus was on India’s unusual services-led growth model and how it has largely bypassed the manufacturing sector. The panellists highlighted the secrets to high-innovation advanced manufacturing growth and the role that policy can play in supporting such growth.

The last panel discussion was on ‘institutional mechanisms and incentive structures: drivers for robust infrastructure’, the panellists discussed how PPP contracting processes can be made smoother for private partners.