‘Rethinking the 4 Ps: A New Marketing Technology Paradigm’ - Insights from Professor Pranav Jindal

By Team External Relations Mar 27, 2024

Pranav Jindal, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Indian School of Business, recently addressed members of Nasscom's Chandigarh and Punjab chapters, as part of the school’s industry outreach initiative.

Titled ‘Rethinking the 4 Ps: A New Marketing Technology Paradigm’, his talk shed light on innovative approaches to marketing strategies.

Drawing from his expertise and real-world examples, he delved into various pricing philosophies and their applications in today’s competitive landscape.

Through an engaging case study, the participants gained insights into tailoring pricing strategies to both generate and capture value, particularly within B2B service sectors.

Professor Jindal encouraged the participants to ask the right questions to understand how they can create and capture value, as well as create barriers for competitors in B2B services.

"There's no one-size-fits-all solution; asking the right questions yields the right answers," he emphasised.

Professor Pranav Jindal addressing the NASSCOM Chandigarh and Punjab Chapter members.