FPM 2020 Orientation

Aug 17, 2020

The Fellow Programme in Management today welcomed its Class of 2020 as they commenced their research journey with ISB. This year intake boasts of students coming from the best of the schools like the Indian Institute of Management, Indian School of Business, Indian Institute of Technology.  

Dean Rajendra Srivastava, the Novartis Professor of Marketing Strategy and Innovation, welcomed the students to be a part of the ISB Research Family. He stressed the need to be passionate about teaching and research to have a fulfilling journey.  

Prof. Sumit Kunnumkal, Executive Director, FPM and Associate Professor of Operations Management too welcomed the students and gave the students a peek into the highs and lows of publishing through the academic integrity lens.  

Resident Faculty also touch paced with the incoming class and advised them to have Passion and Persistence. The students were advised to pick on research questions which they are passionate about and persist, as it’s a 4 to 5 year programme with umpteen number of deadlines and pressure, more like a roller coaster ride. In an FPM, taking a paper to the finish line requires persistence, and one will not be able to do it they don’t love what they are doing. 

The Faculty reiterated the fact that an FPM/ PhD provides one with a solid theoretical background coupled with a methodological impact which in turn has a Prescriptive & Managerial Impact. They also cautioned the students against doing something which others like as it can haunt them for many years. Even doing something which has a practical or social impact is great.