Chandrasekhar Sripada

Professor of Organisational Behaviour (Practice)
Executive Director - Human Capital and Leadership Initiative (HCLI); Faculty Advisor (HR)




Sripada Chandrasekhar (Chandra) is combines vast practitioner experience with deep academic interests in teaching, research, and scholarship. Chandra’s current research interests are focused on Leadership, Talent ,Culture, and Future of Work in Digital Economies. Chandra teaches a range of courses covering topics such as power, influence, change , networks, personal and organizational leadership, strategic human resource management and future of work and careers. Chandra was a C-Suite executive with a large public, private and MNC firms and held the role of the CHRO for more than 25 years. He has wide cross-border experience of leading people and building Human Capital Strategies across continents, nationalities, and cultures. Apart from teaching PGP and modular programs, Chandra teaches extensively in ISB’s Executive education programs. He is also a certified Executive Coach and sits on the Boards of both for-profit companies and NGOs. His recent publications include the edited book on Leading Human Capital in 2020s (SAGE) and working papers on talent strategies in Unicorns and Global Development Centres.



  • 2017 - Present: Professor of Organisational Behavior (Practice), Indian School of Business


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