About HC & LI

About HC&LI

Human Capital is the foremost strategic lever for enterprises to perform, grow and deliver sustainable stakeholder outcomes. Almost all CEOs agree that Human Capital honed and harnessed well, significantly enhances firm performance. Yet, our readiness to develop and deploy human capital is woefully inadequate. Businesses are faced with the challenge of designing and deploying Human Capital strategies that get our workforce to be future ready.


HC & LI is engaged in multi-disciplinary, industry relevant, applied research in the area of strategic human capital and leadership. To advance theory and practice in human capital, HC & LI engages in research activities in strong partnership with industry and global business schools. 


Students interested in Human Capital and Leadership can opt for the elective “Strategic Human Resource Management” offered by HC & LI. The course is aimed to interpret theory for real-world practice and is largely practitioner-oriented.

In collaboration with the Centre of Executive Education (CEE), course modules are offered to middle and senior level leaders/executives from Business and Government across a number of areas like Personal leadership, Team & Organizational leadership, Change management, People Skills, and Mindfulness-based Leadership.


Prof. Chandrasekhar Sripada hosted a cross-border virtual panel discussion by HC & LI at ISB on the theme – Is the Future of Work, Hybrid? on September 9, 2021. Thought leaders from North America, Europe and Asia joined for the panel discussion.


Vision: Be the most preferred academic partner to business enterprises in the area of Strategic Human Capital in India and emerging markets - through thought leadership

Scope: While Human Capital is a broad area, our current scope would be limited to the context of business enterprises

Focus: "How do Human Capital strategies drive, enhance and predict firm performance and add value?"

Is the Future of Work, Hybrid? | Panel Discussion| 9 September 2021