Impact of emissions from coal-fired power plants on health in India, 2019

By Madhulika Gurazada, Alexandra Karambelas, Ashwini Chhatre Apr 01, 2019

A study on the 'health impacts of emissions from coal-fired power plants in India' was funded by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. The analysis was guided by the GEOS-Chem simulation model, a well-known air chemistry modeling technique, and integrated exposure-response functions from the Global Burden of Disease Study, 2016. The study examined the health burden attributable to coal in India for the year 2015 using the IND-15-2013 emissions inventory and GEOS-FP 2015 meteorology on two case scenarios: one with coal-fired power plants and the other without it. The study estimated that about 43,000 and 2,300 premature deaths can be avoided from particulate matter 2.5 and tropospheric ozone respectively from the scenario removing coal-fired power plants in India. The study was presented in the 9th International GEOS-Chem Meeting held at Harvard University in May 2019.

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