The article in the California Management Review details the strategic importance of Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India, utilized by major multinational corporations. The success cases of companies such as Microsoft, GE, Facebook, Bosch, SAP, 3M, Oracle, Volvo, and SKF are discussed. These GCCs capitalize on India's vast pool of engineering and research talent, going beyond cost savings to focus on high-end innovation and research activities. The presence of these centers in India signifies a shift in the global business strategy, where geographical boundaries are becoming less significant. The centers are not just about cost efficiency; they represent a hub for cutting-edge innovation and research, challenging the capabilities that can be achieved in the corporations' home countries. The authors provide insights and recommendations for firms and managers considering setting up GCCs in India, emphasizing the need for strategic planning and understanding of the local business environment. This trend illustrates India's growing importance in the global innovation landscape, redefining traditional business operations and highlighting the country's role in driving global business innovation and digital transformation.