In a collaborative effort, the Indian School of Business and the Intel Startup Program, under the aegis of the Emerging Technologies Centre (ETC), have launched 'Growth Tunes – A Leadership Series' that leverages academia and industry expertise to host high-impact knowledge sessions for the leaders of growth-stage startups in the deep/emerging tech space looking for growth and scaling up.

These interactive live learning sessions are conducted by experienced faculty from ISB's rich pool of experts and provide the attendees with learnings on actionable insights and applicable innovative perspectives.



  • Startups with innovative solutions under deep/emerging technology focus areas.
  • Startups that are in their growth stage and have implementable solutions.
  • Open for Founders and C-level Executives

Expression of Interest

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Why Growth Tunes?

  • Series of Knowledge Sessions
  • Interactive Q&A with ISB Faculty
  • Actionable Insights & Innovative Practices
  • Open for Close-knit Cohort
  • Exclusive Coterie of Tech-based Startups
  • Limited Invitation Only Participation
  • No Equity/Registration Fee Asked