As part of The Faculty Development Program (FDP), Prof. Manish Gangwar and Prof. Sudhir Voleti conducted an exclusive workshop on Data Analytics and Marketing Research for Faculty Members on the 24th-25th of September 2022.

The various interventions under the FDP program aim at preparing Transformational, Innovative, and Value-led Educators by upskilling today's educators with the rapid and unprecedented changes in the educational landscape and training them to become academic leaders in their organizations.

The workshop conducted by Prof. Manish Gangwar and Prof. Sudhir Voleti offered deep, insightful sessions that helped participants understand ML tools and gave them hands-on experience with the data using ML tools & algorithms. The custom ML tools can run off a browser and be easily scaled from an individual to an institution level. The menu-driven program interface enabled participants to explore business possibilities and exploit the capabilities of ML tools regardless of technical backgrounds of the participants.

The workshop exposed faculty members to a set of custom ML tools to enable them to teach marketing analytics to 'citizen data scientist' managers who consume the analytics to make better business decisions. The "citizen data scientist" will largely rely on "data scientists/analysts" for deployment and deeper insights. However, they still need to guide their teams.