The Max Institute of Healthcare Management (MIHM) generates industry-level rigorous evidence in both the private sector and at the public-private interface. Our research aims to transfer best practices from the private sector to enhance public health programmes and outcomes, such as sales force effectiveness. We also analyse the implications of public policy changes and trends for strategies of private sector players, such as price caps. We develop and evaluate novel healthcare delivery models that are financially sustainable and achieve population-level health outcomes, such as non-communicable disease management for bottom-of-the-pyramid customers.

Our faculty and researchers possess a deep understanding of healthcare and management, enabling them to apply management principles in healthcare settings, conduct interdisciplinary research, and utilise diverse methodologies to drive evidence-based insights across a spectrum of disease areas.

Focus Areas

Managing Healthcare Delivery Systems

We investigate how health systems can provide safe, accessible, cost-effective, and quality health services by organising resources and processes.

Financing & Public Policy

We study funding mechanisms and policies for equitable healthcare access, aiming to enhance affordability and availability of healthcare services for all.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our research explores and provides insights on innovative solutions and entrepreneurial initiatives to address healthcare challenges.

Behavioural Health

We study and understand mental and emotional well-being is impacted through research and intervention.