Programme Overview

Emerging technologies and digital business models are fundamentally transforming how firms compete with one another. Traditional boundaries and value networks of firms are getting disrupted at a rapid pace, forcing organisations to rethink strategies not just for business growth and competitive advantage, but also for survival.

It is imperative for the leaders to understand and effectively leverage appropriate digital technologies to transform their business strategies and models, lead their organisations to new paradigms of data-driven analytical insights and customer-focused innovation, and acquire the ability to continually learn, armed with lessons and innovative trends from around the world.

To help meet these different and dynamic leadership requirements of growing competition in the digital age, we have launched a 6-month highly differentiated, immersive, multi-module blended learning programme.

Why executives should consider this programme?

ISB Dean Rajendra Srivastava and Professor Deepa Mani talk about how you will benefit from this programme. 


Dean Rajendra Srivastava


Professor Deepa Mani

Curriculum & Programme Format

Develop in-demand skills and pave way for your organisation’s digital transformation and create new opportunities for your business with advances in digital technologies.

Our multi-module, blended curriculum has a balanced mix of online and on-campus learning in a phased format.

The course content will be delivered in four phases across the 6 months.


Who Should Attend

This programme is designed for senior executives and teams. Indeed, for maximum impact, we recommend you join as a team of colleagues wherever possible.

Program participants are typically engaged in diverse functions across varied sectors. We work hard to create the right cohort for you so that you learn not just from us but also from the rest of your class.


What is the duration of the programme?

The programme duration is 6 months. Please find additional information in the ‘download brochure’ section.


Once I have submitted the application, when will I hear from you?

We’ll acknowledge receipt of your application by email within 24 hours, providing it’s received during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 05:00 IST).


Is financial aid available?

No, there is no financial aid available for this programme.


How do we cancel after applying?

Cancellation notification must be made in writing to Marketing Services.