The Senior Executives Club is the leaders’ abode at the Indian School of Business. Herein are gathered, a niche segment of the class of PGP, who are nourished with an experience of over 8 years in myriad fields and functions such as technology, media, healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship, oil & gas and so on.
The Senior Executives Club aims to facilitate creating and exploiting career opportunities that are in line with the strengths and aspirations of its members. The club catalyses the transformation by engaging in strategic partnerships with various functions of ISB such as CAS, SEAL, etc., and by leveraging the school’s expansive alumni and industry network.
Their rich and diverse work experience and expertise allows the members of the Senior Executives Club to mentor fellow students of the class and help them expand their professional network.
The Senior Executives Club liaises with other professional clubs to ensure that its members derive maximum value in terms of knowledge and their career aspirations through speaker sessions by industry leaders, workshops, and industry-connect programs.
But the Senior Executives Club isn’t just business after all! In fact, it actively seeks to build a warm, long-lasting relationship among its members and their families by creating occasions for socialising and bonding!