Aweze Sayed


I have done my Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani in 2012. Soon after graduation I joined ExxonMobil as the Business Development Manager to drive sales in the untapped geography. Accelerating sales by 15X in the region has helped me promote in just 3 years to Engineering consultant for the entire East India. Delivering $100 Mn saving in just 2 years has grabbed attention of senior management as this is the highest delivered savings ever. These achievements helped me move up the ladder to take up B2B Marketing Manager for pan India. I could successfully change the perception of marketing in the organization through localization and innovation. As the Marketing Manager, I not only got the opportunity to design National Brand campaigns and, sales and marketing plan, but also executive on the field 

Harman Preet Singh

Vice President

Leading Pancham Hospital through the turnaround was an incredible leadership experience. Managing the hospital through a crisis sharpened my critical thinking and man management skills. It gave me hands on experience with every aspect of strategy and operations, including financial restructuring, revenue stream identification and development, crisis and PR management, and lean operational management.

Subhajit Poddar



Being a part of Schlumberger right from my graduation in 2012, I have seen both the highs of bullish optimism during the years of the $100 per barrel world, from 2011 to mid-2014, and the lows of the price crash and extended oil downturn, from mid-2014 to 2017. This has provided me very meaningful insights into how an organization handles the good and bad times and how it plans to be resilient going into the future. Within Schlumberger, I have worked in various capacities in operations and product development domains where I have analyzed various bottlenecks in operations and taken initiatives to streamline the procedure and bring in cost savings as well as delved into client requirements in future critical for keeping the product ahead of the rest of the competition and bringing in sales. Besides the domain specific skills, working with various multinational teams in diverse geographies for short periods has helped me to build up my soft skills such as teamwork, adaptability, communication skills and conflict resolution. 

Ankita Arora

Alumni Relations Coordinator

I graduated from Punjab Engineering College in June’11, after which I joined TT Consultants as Patent Research Analyst in their Innovation Support & Consulting division. TT was a good starting point for my career and gave me the confidence to do the complex problem solving and seek solutions. My inquisitive attitude resulted in me following a different path and me trying to follow the path of entrepreneurship. I founded Edmap and build the platform to connect tutors and students in the offline model. That exposure was a learning experience for me to understand my strengths and the growth opportunities to help me understand that I need to go back to corporate to learn things and understand the high impact collaborations. 

I moved on join IDS-IP & I used this opportunity to start new analytical services and launched a new tool for delivering analytical reports and dashboard to clients. I catered to multiple clients and services at IDS. 

After spending close 4.5, I moved onto Clarivate Analytics in a leadership role. My role at Clarivate included: Managing high-budget projects and overseas clients mainly in Patent analytical services, Patent Consulting, Competitors Portfolio Analysis, Whitespace Analysis and Freedom-to-Operate Analysis etc.  

Astha Nagar

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

I have worked in the Risk Management and consulting domain since 2013 and have partnered with clients from across industries to deliver a range of solutions. I have worked with clients from across geographies reflecting strongly on my ability to engage with culturally diverse people. For the first four years of my work experience, I initially worked as a dedicated team member and developed process knowledge, which allowed me to be an effective team lead subsequently. The last four years reflect on my capability as a leader (Process Improvement, Project Management, and people management). I have worked closely with cross-functional teams to develop solutions, with internal teams to enhance working methods and drive efficiencies. 

My significant responsibilities here include: 

Growth strategy - Formulating growth strategy for the team with higher leadership and leading specific discussions around setting up a new team 

Inorganic Expansions - Implementing comprehensive inorganic expansions both domestic and international 

Process Improvement- Revamping various business processes through automation. 

Aditya Veer Sharma

I have worked in the project management domain since 2010 and have worked with both Government as well as Private and with diverse vendors ranging from the ones with turnovers of less than INR 1cr to the country’s top companies such as IVRCL, PEB steel Lloyds etc. 

Over the years, I have worked in 15+ states helping me adapt to various cultural and working environments. 

I have worked in teams as well as led the teams- both officially and functionally. In the functional leading aspect, I have also had the opportunity of managing people of a much higher experience and designation. 

In my profile, I also had to work with individuals from cross functional domains and manage the tasks without any official reporting of those individuals to me.