Abhieraaj is a Computer Science Engineer whose journey commenced as a skilled UX designer and seamlessly transitioned into the role of a dynamic Product Manager. He has worked across the automotive, finance, and insurance tech sectors, serving multiple brands, including the likes of BMW, Chrysler, GM, Axis Bank, RBI, and HDFC Life. Dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and shaping the future of technology-driven experiences, Abhieraaj is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional products that make a lasting impact.

Sanidhya Trehan

Vice President

Sanidhya is a product designer with 2 years of work experience in architecture, interior and product design. He has worked closely with several global brands in multiple creative projects. He loves to spend his free time towards getting back to his creative self through sketching and generating design concepts and graphics.

Khushboo Kaneja

Marketing & Communications Head

Khushboo is a commerce graduate from SRCC with 2.5 years of work experience as a strategy consultant at ZS Associates. In addition to her professional career, she possesses a strong enthusiasm for art and craft. Finding happiness and fulfilment in creative expression, she has organized various art and cultural competitions at her workplace, witnessing the transformative power of art and its ability to foster unity and connection. Integrating her passion for art into both personal and professional aspects of her life, she cherishes the joy that artistic pursuits bring her.

Roopsi Garg

Events Head

Roopsi Garg is a dedicated Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a passion for both numbers and creativity. She has over 2 years of experience as an external auditor at Deloitte USI. 

Since childhood, Roopsi was captivated by the world of art and creativity. Her earliest memories are filled with moments spent experimenting with colours, shapes, and textures. Whether it was sketching vibrant landscapes or crafting intricate paper sculptures, she found solace and joy in every artistic endeavour.