Moray Sai Dixith Rao


A civil engineer by profession. Effortlessly transforms into a natural dancer, moving to the rhythm with grace and finesse. A true fitness freak, Max believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle and constantly challenge myself to reach new heights of physical prowess. As a passionate foodie, I delight in exploring diverse cuisines, savoring each bite as a celebration of culinary artistry.

Tanya Patodi

Vice President

A talented dancer and holder of a bachelor's degree in management, radiates passion and creativity in her dance pursuits. With a diverse repertoire of dance styles and notable achievements, including national victories and performances alongside renowned choreographers, Tanya's dedication to dance knows no bounds. As a digital creator, she shares her captivating dance content, paving the way for her dream of opening a dance studio that celebrates self-expression and nurtures artistic growth.

Parimi Gayatri Pooja

Events Coordinator

I am a graduate of Gitam University, responsible for hosting the Kalakrithi dance flash mob event where the turnout was 100+ students. I am a professionally trained Kuchipudi Dancer. Looking forward to being the Event Coordinator for ISB’s Dance club to orchestrate unforgettable dance experiences. With a knack for planning and a deep passion for dance, I am here to bring every event to life, ensuring seamless choreography off-stage. Outside the club, I enjoy painting and spending time with the non-humans of ISB.

Akash Patel

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Akash, the rhythmic engineer,

Dancing with grace, his movements clear,

Flute melodies, his soul's expression,

Continuous improvement, his profession.