"You don't take a photograph; you make it"

                                                                                          -Ansel Adams

About Us

Interested in photography or learning the art of capturing emotions and making memories? Join the photography club to be a part of the league. As much as this club is for people who are ardent photography enthusiasts, it is also for people who merely desire to explore the horizons of photography. As we plan to facilitate collective learning sessions, we strive to create vivid frames.
With various photo-walks, field trips, and live workshops we devise to promote creative opportunities, in turn leading to the shared joy of discovering the 'infinite-canvas' that photography truly is!
The club is not just confined to the use of advanced equipment; rather we encourage bringing about the best out of your smartphones and compact cameras. Afterall its about the creative eye-for-detail and not the equipment.

Mission Statement

To “focus” on social interaction and enhance peer learning in photography, build an avenue for de-stressing from the rigor of daily life at the ISB and to capture memories.