Arunita Walia


5 years of experience in analytics consulting with Mu Sigma working in industries like retail, loyalty, CPG, pharma and insurance. In my last role, I was leading a team that worked with Australia’s largest loyalty program to launch & analyse campaigns for their clients and provided recommendations for sharper targeting and effective campaigns.
Photography has been a hobby since I was old enough to hold a camera – it began with the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the film roll to be over to see results and has continued well till instant gramming. I firmly believe that equipment, gear and software doesn’t make a picture, an artist does – and hope to deliver on the same as President.

Saketh Sistla

Vice President

I graduated as an Electrical Engineer (B. Tech.) from SASTRA University and worked in the Financial Risk Consulting team in PwC India and Deloitte. My primary role involved handling clients in the Financial Services sector while advising them on issues spanning the breadth of financial risk.

My passion for photography started on a trip to Kashmir where I used a point-and-shoot camera. Soon after, I bought my first DSLR and have been clicking ever since. My photography predominantly revolves around travelling focussed on landscapes and wildlife photography. Photography, to me, has always been capturing the memories associated with the place within that one frame.

Avi Mukesh Doshi

Events Coordinator

Rank holder Chartered Accountant & CFA L3 Passout with work experience in Aditya Birla Group as a Leadership Participant and Hindalco ( Aditya Birla Group Company) in the Risk Management. Lead a cultural change initiative to develop a new department of Enterprise Risk Management at Hindalco.

To me, photography is a means of expression. There is no right or wrong; everyone can express themselves freely. It’s the perfect way to capture not only moments but also memories. I believe, the real challenge in photography today is not clicking a photo but clicking a photo that means something

Bharat Mohindru

Marketing Coordinator

Started off with a degree in Mathematics and ended up in the marketing field. Worked for about 4 years in advertising for clients like HP, PwC, Dabur and PepsiCo. and many other brands.

I developed an obsession for photography when I worked for an NGO where I was exposed to the wonders of good story telling and saw how films and photographs were a powerful tool to bring about great change in society. I got my first camera when I was 18 years old and I never wanted to put it down again. I always thought great picture doesn’t always have to look “professional”, but just something that would make me stop scrolling and think for a bit.