Ritesh Krishna


I graduated from IIT Guwahati in 2014 and over the past 7 years I’ve dabbled across myriad roles at Flipkart, Shutter Diaries and PhonePe. At Flipkart, I orchestrated demand planning for The Big Billion Days 2016 amongst one of the many flagship projects that I program managed. Post Flipkart, I established Shutter Diaries, a boutique photography services startup based out of Bangalore, in pursuit of my artistic endeavors. At PhonePe, I set up the planning, execution, governance and review frameworks across finance and accounting teams immediately post hopping on board. During my last stint, I was program managing strategic initiatives and operational performance across a 250 member strong Cx team at PhonePe.

I am an avid nature lover and wildlife photography enthusiast who enjoys traveling and discovering new places and cultures. I am engineer by education, cx proponent by profession and an artist at heart. My photography journey started almost a decade back and IIT Guwahati was the perfect playground to experiment with the various genres of photography. I’ve traversed the journey from being an amateur to a professional photographer through Shutter Diaries and we cater to wedding and corporate clients across India. My true passion lies with wildlife photography however which I continue to pursue in my leisure time.

Prakarsh Saxena

Vice President

After graduating from IITBHU as an Electrical Engineer in 2017, I worked with EXL, Gurgaon office, with multiple major banking clients in high impact Risk Mitigation and Revenue Forecasting engagements. I quickly become a Senior Consultant in under 21 months there, before switching to a product role with Searchlight Health, a startup that works on the product improvements for Apollo 24|7. That was an interesting place to be in, given how the pandemic shaped out in that one year I spent there.

Photography has been a hobby since my under-graduation days, though I only started shooting seriously after joining EXL in 2017. After shooting around with my smartphone, I got a DSLR in 2018 and that’s when the learning curve became steeper. Having some of my best shots through my smartphones as well, I do believe camera gear and equipment can only do so much- it’s the style of seeing the world in your own unique way and presenting it in the shot that makes the photo come out so well. That’s something I believe in, and that’s one of the driving spirits behind the position at the Photography Club!

Saptarshi Ghosh

Events Coordinator

I am a cloud engineer with 7+ years in Tech Consulting (Cognizant, Ericsson) and led digital transformation for clients across UK & US in Hospitality & Consumer Goods segment. In my last role, I was the on-shore(UK) lead of the cloud engineering team managing the application development and operations for one of ours largest hospitality client in UK&Ireland.

My passion for photography comes from my innate love to capture the colours, the shades and the beauty of nature. I got my first camera when I was doing my engineering, and I fell in love with all the experimentations and learnings, spending hours clicking anything and everything that captured my imagination. Also, I am an avid hiker, and photography is my way to capture all my stories, the moments and the people.

Saumya Tewari

Marketing Coordinator

I have done electronics & communication engineering from BIT Mesra, Ranchi and have 5 years of corporate experience post that. I have worked as a data analyst in Cartesian consulting where I worked on data deep-dive and predictive modeling for offline retail and microfinance clients. I then moved to Myntra in a more business-oriented role working as a category planner where I worked with category managers to forecast the revenue and plan the inventory stock situations. My second stint in Myntra was to work on the optimization of warehouse processes and work on cross-functional projects along with product managers to get tech changes implemented within the processes of category management and operations. Before joining ISB, I also worked very closely with the founder of a fintech startup trying to get into credit lending to under-banked/underserved populations using alternate credit scoring models.