AIKYA 2018

Social Events
July 21, 2018 | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM | Saturday
Mohali, India
For ISB Community
AIKYA is a unique host family network programme which aims to bond leading families in the Tricity area and the students of ISB. This programme has been in practice since inception of our campuses in Hyderabad (2001) and in Mohali (2012) and the experience for both the families & the student participants have been encouraging. AIKYA is a Sanskrit word, which means 'coming together'
As a part of this programme the host family will be assigned a student group (comprising four/five ISB students). This student group will be ‘hosted’ by the family and will enjoy its guidance & hospitality for a year.
Through AIKYA the students interact with their respective families, get a feel of the region’s culture, tradition, business and community. In this way, this programme is a way of bonding between students and families. Each year, host families welcome students into their homes or visit them at ISB campus over weekends, term breaks and festive occasions typically about 6 -7 times a year. Students get the benefit of integrating into the community and understand the local culture better through a family away from their homes. As a revered member of the AIKYA network, the family is invited to various events at the ISB including the Graduation of their student group.
We are pleased to share that about 100 families across Hyderabad and Mohali are part of the AIKYA community.
Launch of AIKYA for Class of 2019 is being organized at both campuses. While the launch date is Saturday, July 21 at Mohali Campus. Similar cultural extravaganza will be hosted on Sunday, July 29 at Hyderabad Campus.