Workshop for JDA Software Pvt. Ltd.

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September 26, 2018 | Wednesday
Open to Public
Women’s Excellence Initiative (WEI) organised an intensive learning workshop for the high potential women leaders of JDA Software Private Limited, a US-headquartered supply chain and retail solutions provider, as a part of its annual “Winning Leadership” program. The workshop was held on September 26, 2018 and entailed a panel discussion focussing on women leadership opportunities and challenges. 
The session kicked off on an introspective note, with all attendees conducting a self-analysis for their leadership presence and development. Common themes emerged quickly, around technological competence and influencing/ negotiation skills as both opportunities and threats. 
A panel discussion with eminent speakers followed, showcasing two male and two female leaders’ career trajectories. The discussion was moderated by Professor Saumya Sindhwani. The panel members came from diverse and distinguished backgrounds: Rao Tumalapalli, CEO of Seneca Global, Savitha Singh, Senior Director at Target, Vandana Vijay, CEO of Offbeat Tracks, and Bharani Kumar Aroll, Managing Director of Infopeers Solutions and General Secretary of Cyberabad Security Council.  
It was clear that learning and growing from challenges was a leit motif across panellists’ narratives. Mr Tumalapalli and Ms Reddy both spoke of endurance and unflinching family support. Ms Vijay and Mr Aroll encouraged women to develop strong self-belief that they deserved to be at the top of the pyramid. Some more nuggets of wisdom emerged from these leaders’ triumphs and trials: 
Don’t follow the herd 
Think of relationships beyond the binary and have faith in your partner
Go beyond the “what’s in it for me” approach
Create a position of strength and play to your advantage
Believe in constant learning.
Prof. Sindhwani’s moderation connected this advice directly with the participants’ prior self-analysis and provided avenues of applying the panel discussion takeaways to individual career trajectories.
Ms. Sindhu Aravindakshan, Senior Director – HR and JDA University, commented: “The panel’s insights on the ups and downs of leadership will go a long way in advancing our participants’ career growth as we build the next generation of leaders. A big thanks to WLEI for enriching our understanding of career journeys and strengthening our participants’ self-belief about leveraging growth opportunities.”
Ms. Reema Gupta, WEI, concluded the workshop by summarising the learnings of the day for the audience and thanking them for their enthusiastic participation.