Innovate by Design

Abhimanyu Kulkarni, Philips Design
Koel Chatterjee, Philips Design
Arun Rajappa, ex Microsoft
August 9, 2013 | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Friday
Takshashila LT, Mohali, India
For ISB Community
Post Event Summary

Designer Workshop held at Mohali campus 

A one-day workshop on product design, “Discover the Inner Designer in You” was held at the Mohali Campus recently. Organised by the Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing (MIGM) at ISB, the workshop was conducted by Abhimanyu Kulkarni and Koel Chatterjee from Philips Design and Arun Rajappa, former manager at Microsoft.

The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to gain both insights and practical experience on designing techniques. It also highlighted the importance of understanding the persona and life cycle of the clientele while designing products.

At the workshop, groups of participants designed clay models of products for specific clientele. One such interesting idea that emerged during the session was that of an exercise machine designed for middle-level executives. The idea was to convert the chair of an executive into an exercising machine with pedals for feet and arm rests as weights. The backrest of this chair would automatically recline if no physical activity was performed out for 15 minutes, encouraging regular movement while working.