Working Papers

Recent Working Papers 
Chauradia AJ, Sripada C, George G. (2018). Confronting India’s Skill Development Paradox: Human Capital Challenges of Gender and Job.
Sindhwani, Saumya (2018). "Creating an Ethical Culture: Bridging the ethical blind spot in management education".
Chauradia, A. J., Somaya, D. (2017). Is Pro Bono Also Pro Lucrum? Firm Level Pro bono Participation Human Capital Advantages and Profitability in Law Firms
Chauradia, A. J., Milewicz, C., Echambadi, R., Ganesh, J. (2017) Human Capital Resource Investments on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Stock Performance: Advancing the Resource -Based View.
Chauradia, A. J., Somaya, D., Mahoney, J. T. (2016) How Do Firms Augment their Talent? A Comparative Performance Assessment of Human Capital Building and Acquiring.