Impact Forum is the annual flagship event of ISB’s Net Impact Club, bringing together social entrepreneurs, impact organizations, non-profits, and business professionals to initiate discourse on the developmental challenges plaguing our world. This social impact event aims to disperse knowledge by engaging stakeholders through sessions on capacity building, masterclasses and panel discussions on impact investment, future of impact and role of data in the development sector.


ISB inculcates a culture of knowledge with a purpose for its students by creating opportunities for them to learn, inspire and ideate social change through their ideas. The Net Impact Club at ISB aims to empower young business professions to address key social challenges by building innovative and scalable solutions.

Through our carefully curated event, we hope to enhance the learnings of the cohort and our stakeholders by building on the expertise and actionable insights gained through the keynote addresses and panel discussions.


The battle against Covid-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on the world. With systems breaking down everywhere, now is the time to rethink and restructure our path to future. In keeping with the theme that pervades our life today but with hope of a better tomorrow, this year, we will be exploring the theme ‘Building the future, today’. 

Our panels will focus on the changing the narrative around data and technology in the social sector, across the themes of education, healthcare, sustainability, and creating shared value. We also wish to bring to light the commendable work done across organizations on reinvention & adaptability amidst the ongoing pandemic.


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ISB Impact Forum Team

Sakshi Vohra

Lead Coordinator

Ridhi Vohra

Mehak Jain

Ankit Pareek

Nehal Shah

Ameya Deshpande

Bhavika Badlani

Jai Newar

Lead Coordinator

Nikita Gupta

Isha Markna

Gayathri Ramesh

Riya Bakliwal

Anurag Yadav

Riya Gupta

Shreya Gupta

        Lead Coordinator        

Vasundhra Maheshwari

Shreya Das

Disha Srivastava

Shreshtha Gupta

Shubhra Budhwar