Rakesh Dubbudu is the founder of the well-known Indian civic-tech, fact-checking organization 'FACTLY'. A seasoned professional with a passion for open-source technology, Rakesh excels in the intersection of data/information consumption and technology.

His significant contributions to public policy, public data, and Fact-Checking have been highly instrumental in driving e-governance and good governance initiatives. A respected & well-known transparency campaigner with more than 18 years of experience, his portfolio includes training, educating, delivering lectures, and instilling awareness of the Right to Information Act to thousands of people across the spectrum including bureaucrats, civil society, academia, and journalists among others. He is an expert on the issues of fact-checking, and open & public data and is invited to a variety of conferences as a speaker, and trainer to conduct workshops.

He was chosen for the Distinguished Alumnus Award for Public Service from NIT Warangal, his alma mater, the youngest to win such an award. He was also selected for the South & Central Asia Region Legislative Fellows Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. He was One of five selected from India in 2014. He was a speaker at various TEDx events, and national & international conferences.