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Insights Forum: Where research and action come together

ISB was founded on the premise that academic research that was locally relevant and globally respected plays a vital role in creating a vibrant business ecosystem. We are proud that we have made some progress in building a community of scholars who use cutting-edge research tools and theories to solve thorny problems that India faces as it develops.
ISB’s faculty have worked on areas ranging from healthcare delivery to financial inclusion. The ISB Insights Forum is where our community of scholars engage with other important stakeholders to co-create actionable agendas, and a bright future for the planet’s 8 billion people.
The ISB Insights Forum also seeks to recognise support from individuals - through their philanthropy, corporate expertise, and academic contributions - towards the advancement of research initiatives in the country.

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ISB Insights Forum 2023

The inaugural edition of the ISB Insights Forum -- held at the ISB Mohali campus on November 24, 2023 -- brought together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, bankers, policymakers, and academia on a single platform. The aim was to articulate what we need to do to create a better and inclusive world for ourselves by 2047.
In the 2023 edition, the forum aimed to marshal the collective efforts towards creating actionable agendas for the country as it approaches the milestone year of 2047. The year 2047 has great emotional resonance. It marks 100 years of India’s independence, and the world’s largest experiment with democracy.

Agenda and Sessions

Research is a blend of science and imagination. Framing India’s research agenda for the future is, therefore, a collective effort of policymakers, academicians, industrialists, and knowledge creators. 

In 2022, India attracted as many foreign R&D projects as the US, UK, and China combined, according to an FDI Intelligence study. 

At the ISB Insights Forum 2023, we brough together a unique blend of thought leaders from across genres to discuss and embolden India’s researchers; and help them shape the future of our country and the world.

Technology & Innovation Strategy: STATUS QUO IS THE ENEMY

How to Befriend Tech for an Innovative Organisation

We are in the midst of unprecedented technological change that promises to redefine work, productivity and well-being. The data provides reason to be optimistic about India’s ability to leverage technological change to create value: In 2022, India attracted more FDI in research projects than the rest of the world combined, and it has 1,800+ R&D centres with over 1.3 million scientists and engineers. The innovation engine is active, but how can organisations effectively adopt and exploit technological change? This session will explore the content of technological change, and its many impacts on business, government, and society.


Professor Deepa Mani and Professor Anand Nandkumar

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