Hustle Bee - Rishav Singh

Some people are restless in a typical 9 to 5 routine. They would rather hustle 24/7. 

Rishav Singh is one such individual. Raised in Dubai and schooled in Delhi. He earned his degree in telecommunications engineering and held a software developer job with a leading multinational – though just for six months.

“I am not a worker; I was always a hustler,” admits Rishav. Aiming for students and job shifters, he launched his venture Boriya Bistar (sack and beddings) with four co-founders in 2017. The business later included B2B clients as well.

He admittedly wanted to pursue business studies to continue his hustle and build connections. “I applied to only two schools, ISB and IIM Ahmedabad. I got in both,” he said. Having considerable experience dealing with Venture Capital (VC) firms and seeking investments for his ventures, he understood that the pedigree of a good school matters a lot to the investor community.  

“The fact that ISB is India-focussed and has produced great leaders, startup founders and thousands of entrepreneurs for the nation appealed to me,” says Rishav. He also feels that the ‘tons of VC networking connections’ he can develop at ISB via its alums would benefit him.

On his goals post ISB, Rishav, now President, Entrepreneurship and Venture capital Club of ISB Hyderabad campus, says he would like to have some startups from his batch as well. “I would want ISB to be the ‘startup school’ for India,” said Rishav, who aspires for a VC job and wants to help entrepreneurs dwelling in tier-3 or tier-4 cities.