Actress Leader - Srishti Gautam

‘To be an actor, you have to be a child,’ Paul Newman, Academy award-winning US actor, director, race car driver and entrepreneur, had famously said. Much like Newman, Srishti found her interest in theatre early on. Today she is an involved actress and business owner.  

For some years Srishti worked as an employee with Akshara Theatre Company, a Delhi-based drama and theatre company. She took the plunge to pursue her independent acting career in 2017 and moved to Mumbai.  

Since then, she is utilising her acting talent to inculcate inclusion and diversity values at corporate firms. Taking off from her experience as a Creative Director with Mumbai-based Mukti Manch, an acting academy and performing arts company, Srishti took her own plunge.  

The formation of ‘Hurdangi (restless) Productions’, her own production company, in May 2019 was exciting for Srishti. But the pandemic chained her plans for 2020.  

As a person, Srishti speaks fast and moves on faster. “I thought of trying out digital marketing and roped in 7-8 corporate clients,” says Srishti, who is also on the POSH (Prevention of sexual harassment) committee of a few of her corporate clients.

On advise of her ISB-graduate brother, who saw Shristi’s efforts to become a business leader, she submitted her application. “I want to pursue my business in India. I have heard amazing things about ISB. Essentially, I would like to find some team members to work with,” says Srishti, who wants to pursue her own business with trusted partners.

But before leaving the campus, she is excited to arrange for an ISB exclusive screening of her first self-funded film production “Served”