ISB launches forum for the Resident Commissioners to showcase its public sector research works

By Team External Relations May 30, 2024

The Indian School of Business (ISB) has launched an initiative - ISB Forum for Resident Commissioners - aimed at providing Resident Commissioners with research-led academic insights on critical themes in public administration.

Resident Commissioners, who play a crucial role as liaisons between state governments and the Central Government, are responsible for fostering Centre-State relations and promoting investment.

The inaugural edition of this forum was recently hosted by the Office of the Resident Commissioner, Telangana, at Telangana Bhawan in New Delhi. The event witnessed the participation of 22 officers representing 18 states.

Highlights of the inaugural session

The forum featured insightful presentations by two ISB faculty members showcasing their research on - portability in the Public Distribution System, and the social cost of fake news, respectively.

Sripad Devalkar, Associate Professor, Operations Management, ISB, discussed technology-enabled changes in social welfare programmes, particularly focusing on the impact of portability in the Public Distribution System (PDS). He highlighted how such technological advancements can improve the efficiency and reach of social welfare programmes, ensuring benefits reach the intended beneficiaries.

Hemant Kakkar, Associate Professor, Organisational Behaviour, ISB, addressed the social cost of fake news, pointing out its contribution to the rising political polarisation and division. He delved into the group-level factors that motivate individuals to share misinformation, such as the need to belong, to be liked, and to appear cooperative.

Key remarks

Dr Gaurav Uppal, IAS, Resident Commissioner, Telangana, delivered the welcome remarks, emphasising the importance of engaging with institutions like ISB. He highlighted that such engagement is crucial not only for gaining well-researched knowledge but also for exploring opportunities in research and capacity-building to meet the states' needs.

DNV Kumara Guru, Senior Director, Advancement, Alumni Engagement, and External Relations, Indian School of Business, highlighted ISB's intentions behind initiating this engagement with Resident Commissioners. “With strengths in research capabilities and capacity building, ISB aspires to have a deeper engagement with the state governments and would want the resident commissioners to lead it,” he said.

Dr Sridhar Bhagavatula, Associate Director, External Relations at ISB, delivered the vote of thanks, expressing the aspiration to conduct such sessions regularly. He underscored the importance of equipping Resident Commissioners with research-led insights to address various public sector issues effectively.


The ISB Forum for the Resident Commissioners reflects ISB's commitment to bridging the gap between academic inquiry and societal needs. By providing a platform for sharing research-led insights, ISB aims to empower Resident Commissioners to make informed decisions and enhance their effectiveness as ambassadors of their respective states. The successful launch of this forum marks a promising start for future engagements, fostering a collaborative environment for continuous learning and improvement in public administration.