Atal Catalysts @ ISB evokes an overwhelming response

By Team MarCom May 31, 2022

I-Venture @ ISB, in partnership with the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog has curated a special programme called ‘Atal Catalysts @ ISB’. ISB through this initiative handheld ,equipped and moulded young minds to emerge as innovative and futuristic entrepreneurs.

Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, Faculty Director observed- “ISB is now committed to developing a robust entrepreneurship eco-system in the country. Atal Catalysts @ ISB's partnership with the Atal Innovation Mission for mentoring the young entrepreneurs in India of Atal Tinkering Labs is a heartening step towards that goal.” 

ATL Tinkerpreneur witnessed participation from over 9,000 students, and the top 100 students/teams were mapped to ISB to further nurture and shape their ideas and approaches. I-Venture @ ISB took charge of developing, designing and executing the 2nd stage of the student's journey. The selected teams were mentored using real-world case studies and examples through the well-designed masterclasses.    

While the masterclasses added to the student's knowledge base, the highlight of their journey was the customized mentoring experience that was curated for each of the students. More than 65 mentors were part of the programme, each of them an alumnus of ISB. The Atal Catalysts @ ISB team carefully analyzed the areas of improvement for every idea and mapped it to the right mentor. This ensured that the students got the most appropriate guidance they needed to enhance their product and develop the necessary entrepreneurial/business skills. The mentoring sessions were conducted one-on-one which in turn ensured personalized attention to each of the students/teams. 

Once the products and pitches were refined, the students pitched their ideas before an expert panel where 10 new ideas which included- Learner's Mate; PneuCheck; Fitframe; eLAAZ; S-Women made it to the shortlist. With suitable sponsorships, the selected students/teams will work on developing the app or website before taking them to market.

Director of I-Venture @ ISB, Saumya, noted, “At I-Venture@ ISB, we are committed to delivering an impact. We’re delighted and reassured to see that the Digipreneurs have gained so much from the Atal Catalysts @ ISB Program. We wish them good luck, and we promise to continue creating similar programs in the future as well.” 

Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director, AIM said “The Tinkerpreneur bootcamp was a very special one for us all. It was the first time AIM embarked upon an ambitious entrepreneurship journey for ATL Students at this scale and that too during the pandemic. I want to congratulate all the students who took part in this bootcamp, all the Mentors of Change who took time out of their busy schedules to mentor students daily over 2 months. I am also delighted at the successful conduction of the Atal Catalyst @ISB and The Big Pitch program by I-Venture @ISB for the Top students of Tinkerpreneur. I’m sure this has been an incredible boost of confidence and energy for all of them and will encourage many more innovative business ideas in the future.''